Turmeric Goodness Bowl

Hello Family

Every Sunday our family crave to have big hearty meals just like my ‘Turmeric Goodness Bowl’ maybe because on the weekends as a child my Mother or  Step Mother and Granny would take hours in the kitchen.  As a reward for the patience, we would eat till hearts are content.

Although they would have been meat dishes, finding some foods that are plant based and just as hearty was imperative to recreate that little part of my African culture. Going Plant- Based means you can still have that comfort meal with the similar spices and herbs to really recreate my old school tradition flavour is key!.

Turmeric Rice


Roasted Glazed Brussels Sprouts

Beetroot Slices

Creamy Cucumber and Tomato Salad


All recipes will be in my up-coming Ebook dont forget to add your details in the box below so you get updates for the launch and any updates


Happy Cooking!


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