I first heard about baby sign language when my 1st born  daughter was about 6 months old and since then I’ve been hooked on the concept . Baby sign language is  really just   babies can communicating constructively, beside crying,  this  method is the height of any communication between baby and mother,  instead of using crying they can use gestures to communicate what they need.

The benefits of a baby sign language

it’s practical – it makes communicating more fun with your baby, it’s an emotional bond which creates a closer parental bond between mother and baby and for fathers too.   Baby Sign Language also boots cognitive development which increases brain development,  helping them to understand words before they even are able to talk it also helps with fewer tantrums because they’re able to communicate what they want?

When babies communicate in frustration it leads  to melt down and tantrums. While your baby is distraught this would be a perfect time to really understand their wants

able to help your baby and you to find the root cause of any kind of issues.


my journey or baby sign language is without a doubt forges a closer Bond between myself and my children when we can understand each other increases the feeling of that closeness because you’ve become more tuned in to watch the baby need

Also another amazing benefit is exposure at early you have exposure to baby sign language the smart survey IQ will become easier to get what they want. find babies learn to communicate with words and simple phrases and in the long term the cognitive benefits greatly outweigh the negatives they have the largest speaking vocabulary performer longer sentences they start to read a lot earlier and they tend to have better grades in school.

How do you teach baby sign language you ask good questions first of all it’s very important to know the basics like please thank you tired um more sorry diaper um hurt it sounds like a lot but if the basics communication that’s just especially during the early stages where I took my children with the same time every night just before going to sleep we would say more milk please using this gesture thank you going to sleep now if you use at the same time every night when everything is Connor after a while after a few days even they will reciprocate and coffee your gesture and understand what it means I’m from then you can build on with more vocabulary this is one of my first books that I use to help me learn baby sign languages how do you communicate with your child or if there’s any one know that is interesting in baby sign language share this post



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