It’s so important to have gratitude in our lives, but the thing is we take life so much for granted that at times we are ungrateful when we don’t have what we want. 

There is so much power in gratitude? and my life has changed by having gratitude in my life, just by saying ‘I am thankful for…just being here’

But can it really make a difference in your life, I would say yes, there is no doubt about it that it will change you and your life positively and immediately.

Quiet Gratitude Sessions 

Before you get out of bed or even after you have woken, but not quite opened your eyes to start the day, this is the best time to start. Think of all the things you are grateful for, it  probably wont come to you straight away but the few points that do, just build on that. It will instantly make your day better. This is a better start to the day then taking your phone and checking emails and an FB feed

When The Day Feels Difficult.

Make a list of things you are grateful for, when your day is not going the way you want it to. We all have days, when we come across the not so nice person, or hurtful comment, being hurt by loved ones we lose a contract or do poorly on an assignment. This is the time to be grateful for the people you do have in your life, having a job, health a home, people who love you.

Criticizing Your Spouse or Partner Show Gratitude Instead

This is one of the real powerful tools of being married and also one of the many secrets to a long-lasting marriage, why because it can transform a marriage or a relationship. We all know the devastating effects if your partner or spouse continuously criticises you, your relationship will slowly deteriorate. When ever you feel the need or urge to critic your partner, try to catch those thoughts and change the story you have of him/her, think about what your thankful for, there is a reason why you are together, try to remember this.

With this new habit, your partner will learn from you on how to be treated, especially when you are vocal about your gratitude towards them, the outcome will be your love growing enormously.

Being grateful for your kids

Parents, Me included in this, tend to lose patience with our children because they don’t always do what we want, we get frustrated about bad attitudes, tantrums etc,. when we get frustrated, we tend to take it out on them. What we need to do is practice calming techniques, recognise when you are being impatient and try to change your thought process in that very moment. difficult as it may seem, changing your thought process, to being thankful for them, even when they are being difficult, let them know how grateful you are for them. Communicating this with them is the most sentimental thing you can share with them at any moment and can instantly take the tension out of a situation.


Through major challenges

I always say trust the timing of your life, be patient what will be, will be, stop complaining about the situation that you are in, stop with the pity party, because  that will get you no where, fast. Learn to start being grateful for challenging times that come your way. it teaches you to be patient, give you the time to learn and grow. Change from complainer to a more positive seeker


What You Don’t Have? Or What You Do Have?

I’m sure there are times you look at your life and think, my house is too small, my car is not as new as I would like, I don’t have the perfect girlfriend or your friends have better paying jobs than you have. If you have done this, again, catch yourself and stop. This is the opportunity to be grateful for what you do have. There are so many people who are in a lesser position than you are, all around  the world, people who don’t have the luxury of an apartment and all its contents, including gadgets, no transport, spending their whole life without family by their sides, who cannot get a jobs or even worse working every hour in the day, for just cents, if you compare your life to these people then you can be really grateful for what you have – Happiness is not a destination, it’s a continuous journey, start living in the now! be grateful for what you do have.

Gratefulness brings so many thing into prospective and takes so much pressure off things that bother us on a daily basis when all you have to thin is, what if I didn’t have this or that, and think of people who do not have the life you have, it makes it so much easier,



Can you add to this list? What you are grateful for and how does it make you feel when you show gratitude?

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