A couple of weeks back I started to have unexplained nausea, before realizing it was symptoms of my IP’s.

Here was my opportunity to get my symptoms under control. Whenever I tend to get an upset stomach, I do one of three things. If you’re feeling sick while reading this hopefully you have these In the kitchen




ACV Concoction

(Apple Cider Vinegar)

Litre of water with about 3 table spoons of ACV,  on occasion I add some Lemon. This helps to alkaline the body, being too acidic causes nausea.

 The taste of the ACV, takes some getting used to, but you can add a dash of honey or a sweetener of your choice   

Herbal Teas  

Camomile tea, I find that it really helps the digestive system and calms and relaxes you during any abdominal cramping, associated with nausea 

Relax, is an infused tea which I love. It’s not made for nausea it’s literally a ‘put ya feet up’ kinda tea, it really relieves any stress. However it does have herbs that are known for combating nausea, again, camomile and cloves

Mint tea is a really refreshing tea you cannot miss the cooling effect that it has on the stomach , this really helps to settle any sickness


Do you have any concoctions that ease Nausea? comment below, or if you know anyone suffering share this post, it just might help them




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