There is a reason why I started this blog and for those who haven’t visited my About Page, now here is your chance so you can catch up. I created this blog as an outlet to our lifestyle and to inspire those who are curious to eat a whole food, plant based diet with kids, Giving inspiration to others,


I wouldn’t refer to eating this way  as a special diet but more of a way of thinking that you implement into daily life and deciding to make healthier choice because of health, environment or both. Maybe you are curious to go plant based but don’t know how.


I went from being curious to being very interested in and exposing myself and my family to a wide range of fruits and vegetables ranging from unique to the most powerful superfood. And learning how to cook these wonderful plant foods  So how did we make the transition as a family.




Below will explain some tips  on how we as a family went plant based. Hopefully these strategies may help you and your family, it’s not as daunting as you may think.




My main reason for going plant based was out of curiosity, a friend of mine was a vegetarian and I was absolutely intrigued by the concept of never having a meat portion on my plate.

I took this potentially new lifestyle in to deep consideration,  thought about this lifestyle and started to look out for foods in the supermarket that I could substitute. Back then youtube didn’t exist so the this friend was my only inspiration.  When I went to buy food I was getting mentally prepared to change my lifestyle and already thinking how I would replace my previous favourites.


What started as a temporary experiment turned into three years. Having said that, it was more about the lifestyle and not about the animals, that is why it was easy for me to make the switch.   I was a vegetarian for a few years and then I went back to eating meat, especially when I was the very few  that I knew, that was on this lifestyle.  I didn’t  have much motivation at the time. However during that time, i made it successfully and used transitional foods to help me make the leap. I ate an abundance of Plant based dishes. As i was without children, it was also nice to visit restaurants frequently and taste amazing exotic plant based food!  


Another really important factor to follow the  plant based lifestyle is to find communities in the area or online that are on the same journey as you and your family. I was really important  step for me to know  and observe that other people are thriving on this lifestyle and my thoughts were not weird or abnormal seeing other families gave me a lot of inspiration to learn to cook new and exciting foods that I was not used to. I found communities that have different values but the objective was the same either Vegan or Plant Based and hearing different reasons why they  have chosen their  lifestyle,  really helped me make my decision for the future, the moment i had children



weekly dinner . Start with breakfast the lunch then dinner finding faves

I stopped eating a plant based diet when I fell pregnant with my first child and the only reason why was because   I wasn’t as educated as i am now. I was worried that my first child wouldn’t develop properly and the best nutrition needed to have meat! Boy was i wrong!


I was pregnant and only heard negativity about the lifestyle.  I had nobody around me to motivate me to continue,  if anything a lot of people were saying that it could be dangerous to be pregnant and have a meat free diet.  Slowly, I Incorporated meat  back into my diet until my daughter was 1 years old however I exposed her to an abundance of fruit and veg. So it was already normal for her to eat. When started eating meat again, I felt the difference in my health my eczema started to return! However I still continued to make plant based dinners as normal, with minimal amounts of meat.



Even though I went back to eating meat, I realised that I always had a love for this lifestyle it always sat at the back of my mind and I knew in the future that I wanted to go plant based.  But I had a child so how would that change the situation?  The most important thing I could do is take an online course in nutrition. I started reading more about the lifestyle these books and documentaries really opened my eyes to my childrens future eating plant based;

The China Study Book

Forks Over Knives DVD

Cowspiracy DVD



Doing my research really helped me to make the permanent decision.  Reading was the reason why we chose to go fully plant based. With transitioning slowly it was easier to go completely fully plant based with a child because, our girl was already adapted so she didn’t really miss meat, plus she was very small.  My husband on the other hand took a longer time to transition but he definitely appreciated vegan meals.  Until one day, through his own choice and journey he decided to go for the plant based lifestyle!



Once we had changed 100 percent to the  lifestyle, the next best thing was to invest in cook books and to slowly get rid of all the other meat-centric recipe books from our shelves. One of my favourite recipe books used to be by Jamie Oliver and I still have his book on the shelf, however only vegan recipes that are used.  Now we have an array of books as well as online sources to get inspired when we want something quick, easy and nutritious to prepare. Its that simple it’s all in the mentality to live well!


So there you have it, these are my key points to going fully plant based with a family.  I use these steps to slowly transition without even thinking about it without having too adding pressure to the rest of the family because really to be honest, I transitioned my daughter when she was three years old and with ample amount of research the subsequent pregnancies were fully plant-based.  My toddler at the time basically ate what was given to her and it made it easy for her to transition, my only job was to make sure all her foods were fun, enjoyable and packed with  nutrients.


How do you plan to go plant based comment below?

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