I share with you my tips on helping to raise confident well-rounded daughter’s starting from an early age.  Although my daughters are 7 and under its never too early to start the journey to self esteem, setting them up for success!

Powerful girls are a must for all of our girls (and boys). Times are  harder than when we were growing up.  Today however we have  injustice on every channel, negative opinions and perceptions of what brown girl beauty is. I personally wish I could hide all the horrors of the world from them, but that wouldn’t do any good for their future.  I want to raise my girls in a way to be confident, kind and contribute their kindness and belief that all girls can make it, beyond the fairy tale princess.

How do you do it, you ask? Here are some of my techniques


Even when you think progress is slow in your child and they don’t follow what you want them to  you repeat and repeat and sometimes words fall on deaf ears Percival they are listening believe in the power of your parenting and that things will work itself out in the time.  your daughter needs to remember that she can achieve anything, this too needs to be repeated on a frequent bases  then the these special words will seep into their subconscious


you’ve taught your daughter to be careful and the skills to play in nature or outdoors she now needs to see her body as a source of strength and allow her to take healthy risks at times while she’s outside not wrapping them up and cotton wool which I can contest to all this does is push girls   out of their comfort zones, in turn they realise that they can face any challenges that come their way and see that they have survived the challenge,  such as tree climbing insect collections, of appreciating living things in nature, maybe even a camping trip to the garden


princess stories always riddled with happily ever after with Prince Charming the Nazis princesses actually receive education and make the career ladder very rarely so let’s try to instill into our girls that they are beyond the average fairy princess she has more to offer to the world then looking beautiful only


sometimes when are children at other girls have outbursts a natural Instinct is to try to control the situation but sometimes just stopping and thinking and putting ourselves in their shoes goes a long way allows you to have a lot more patience with your daughter allowing her to express herself is the most important in the end because you wouldn’t want her to hide her emotions from You.  so allow her to express herself healthily and of course with boundaries but empathyHOW TO RAISE POWERFUL YOUNG GIRLS  is a skill that we all as parents need to practice with our kids


You are your daughters Heroine, she looks up to you completely, and as a mother your responsibility is to Love Yourself, your body, no matter what shape you are now or you are before or what you are now, if you love yourself your daughter will look at you with love and acceptance  and in turn think it’s OK to love herself too, just the way she is. Continue to respect yourself and your daughter will follow your foot-steps.  Telling her how beautiful she is also imperative that she hears to tell her frequently


When I was young I never have the skills to be a leader I feel like I learnt that over time and through being a young independent adult. Not all are very lucky to have that leader mentality and find it on their own some girls are lucky enough to receive this training from the such a young age.  have faith in Your girl and  show this daily let her know that she can achieve anything that she wants if she puts her mind to it and also be sure in her opinions this kind of teaching will it allow her to be the same way to others when she gets the school hence having the leader mentality


Sports clubs are really important to start an early age for our girls not only does it help with discipline but it also helps them appreciate what their bodies can do, rather than just be beautiful.  My first choice of Sport lesson would be swimming, because that’s imperative, you can save your life saving essential,  especially if you live near the water; or maybe not but whatever your children ver towards, then there is that interest in that sport and get them in a club


Always show your interest in your children’s homework if you play Close attention you can see where there could be potential issues which can be caught early and also the things that she absolutely enjoys  either way positive reinforcement and patience. Even going that extra mile, if you have time; to go to school trips, school volunteering and also having a great hand in her homework.

There you have it, these are essential tips to help your daughter believe in her greatest potentials, she’s far more than just a simple Disney princess,   she can set her mind to anything she wants, and achieve it.  Her body is physically strong, set healthy challenges and watch her succeed!  Her opinion counts, education is key and self-love and esteem is imperative  for raising our future young ladies of the world.

What techniques do you use to raise the  confidence of your girls come in boxes below if you like this post or you think somebody might benefit from it share it!

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