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T Shirt and leggings is usually the Go-to outfit for the new mama and maybe you recall the makeup bag is hidden, under the sofa thanks to our lovely explorer.  Wearing flatter shoes to get to the park easily, you may even were the same jeans three days in a row (which I can contest  to) bet let’s face it sometimes we think, ‘What’s the point in making an effort, babies do not care what we look like! But there is every point, making an effort for you first is extremly important for our self esteem . Continuing to take pride in ourselves becomes last on the list  for some sahm, but we are going to change that


This post will give you  essential hacks to get the SAHM to be just as stylish  as before she had children

I hope to help you moms get it back together and find your slay girl groove again  even if you only have 20 mins to spare

Before I became a stay at home mum, I used to spend the majority of my wages on looking stylish, after all I had a great job in the City,  it went without saying that you had to always look the part! Also I had a very busy social life, dinners, after work drinks, meetings etc! Looking good was all part of the process as a young single working women.


That all changed the moment I had my first child. We all now  know that babies do not come with a manual, our bundles of joy are so cute, cuddly but a whole lot of work, and there is only training, on the job, with literally no breaks. Before you know it, you grab anything and everything to wear to get out of the house; Too busy making our little ones look so adorable in their outfits, that we actually forget to dress ourselves with the same pride, like before we became moms. The reason is simple, we work around our kids and we forget about ourselves because we have no time.

Here are 5 Ways to get you back to being the stylish you




This step is so essential because after we have children some ladies are lucky to bounce back into the same pre pregnancy outfits straight away, and others not so much. My advice would be to donate all clothes that do not bring you joy from the  Konmari Method, if they don’t fit right anymore let it go !  Get rid of clothes and make space for new clothes that compliment your new post baby, beautiful, body shape. 




Your wardrobe consists of thirty pieces of clothing, items ranging from skirts, shirts, jeans dresses, jackets and shorts shoes. If you invest in a thirty piece wardrobe, you don’t have to rummage through tons and tons of clothing that in the end, results in you still not having anything to wear.  Remember, as a SAHM time is limited, having a capsule wardrobe, helps. You know what you have and mixing and matching with different colours and accessories, will make you look stylish in a under 10 mins




This step is so essential when you have such limited time. Before you had you little ones, you could spend hours on retail therapy and go from shop to shop, but today it’s not the case. Retail therapy needs to be quick and done in under 20 mins, and that includes picking your outfits and paying for it while your bundle of cuteness sits on the floor and plays contently, compared to dragging a very active bored toddler in a changing room while you try on 5 different outfits, not practical!! So many different website that can give you instant gratification Asos, Shein, Boohoo to name a few





Following the style trends can be so difficult sometimes, before you know it, our bundle of cuteness has grown 6 months older and two seasonal trends have passed you by, before you know it you’re out of the style loop completely. Pinterest can give you instant style inspiration that us mamas need,  giving us ideas on what to wear in less that 10 mins. In the search bar type  ‘Jeans with …. And an abundance of inspiration will come instantly when your stuck on ideas on what to wear




Always wake up before your children so you can have a good head start, take a shower look after yourself lotion, hair  little bit of makeup, smelling good and a comfortable AND stylish!  This is the perfect opportunity to feel your best at the start of the day. Us mamas can slip into the habit of staying in our PJs until 1pm when baby goes down for naptime; or maybe pjs stay on your body permanently (again…I can confess to that) taking care of yourself first thing in the morning is so important!, Even if you don’t use any of the pointer’s above, but this final tip  is the most crucial for mamas especially, with limited time! Focus on you first and see the difference in your day!


Comment below on how you stay stylish as a stay at home mama, do you think it’s worth the effort!?






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