Parasite Cleanse

I wasn’t sure whether to post this but l thought what the may hopefully help someone who searched for “healing internal parasites as a plant-based eater’ well, you have come to the right place!

The Nausea lasted for two weeks until one day I started to have some unpleasant but familiar symptoms going back to when I was a child, I realized it was, Intestinal Parasites (IP or worms) my symptoms included nausea, sugary food cravings, no interest in healthier food options, essentially junk food,  unexplained exhaustion, frequently ill, difficulty losing weight,

I researched to see how I could heal this, and quick!

There was an abundance of info online, what I understood was to aim for eliminating them by  adjusting eating habits for a while and add some extra whole foods, not only to nourish, but to disintegrate and repel the critters and give them the ol’ ‘heave ho’. The Anti-Parasite Cleanse


The biggest challenge would be to go gluten-free similar to the concept of the Paleo diet rules or close to.   Adding and omitting these special foods to repel the IPs from my intestines and heal the gut, it’s known as the Parasite Cleanse, I included these foods with anti parasitic effects, daily

Drinking ACV daily, a tablespoon in a glass of water, makes a refreshing drink

Tablespoon of Coconut oil daily, be it cooking or in a glass of warm tea makes tea very creamy.

Pumpkin Seeds for snacking, I add this to almond butter or mix it up in a smoothie

Raw Carrots as a snack, It’s not only fibrous, but the IPs hate the minerals in carrot

What Foods to

Eat With Anti Parasitic Effects 

Lots of fresh veg and greens  with simple carbs, i;e sweet potato, potatoes, quinoa and brown rice. Adding cayenne and garlic to foods, they are natural cleansers and immune boosters  to the body, again the IP’s hate them

Coconut Water/Milk, the Lauric Acid that coconut oil contains kill the IPs

Pineapples, Apples, Lemons, blueberries are low glycemic fruits for the most part, that’s all  I have been snacking on. Papaya is the king of fruit right now because its loaded with  anti parasitic benefits 

There is a ton of information online if you want to read more about Internal Parasites and the dangers, you can read here. Dr Axe is one of my fave online doctors

To cure myself I would have to adjust my diet in a big way, incorporating the above foods, as well as omitting Gluten – ie pasta, bread and desserts.

Sugar is next on the list, that’s easy, but even sugar from fruit!!? Yes high sugar fruits. This was a little difficult to start off with, because I normally thrive on fruit, a big 4-5 banana almond butter smoothie is my idea of heaven. However I.P. lurve any forms of sugar and gluten.

This week I have adjusted my way of eating for the next 20 days, I am now on day 5 and unexpectedly lost about 3 lb of weight, some of my unpleasant symptoms have disappeared, including the nausea. Follow my journey on what I am eating while following the Parasite Cleanse  (Gluten & Sugar Free Plant-based Eating)

These foods are not only healthier options but also make these I.P.’s run for cover, ridding them from the body, so if you are following me, you might even lose a few pounds!! Result 😉

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