Plant-Based Oatmeal For Breastfeeding Fuel



The one food that is always a comfort to me each morning and sometimes in the evening and what’s more  as an Extended Breastfeeding mother to a toddler I frequently feel that I need to increase my milk supply From time to time.  Luckily a daily intake of oatmeal is known for increasing milk supply, however there is actually no scientific evidence to back this up although it  does work for some women.  Within some countries, the tradition is recommended to eat oatmeal as a way of increasing your milk, it’s not uncommon that lactation consultants use this advice for new mothers also.  

Its is a natural whole grain, complete with great fibre, slow digesting and keeps you fuller for longer especially when you are famished after,  baby has been suckling your boobs, all night it is necessary to load yourself with mil boosting foods that is good for you and low in calories !!


So What Makes Oatmeal Fuel for Breastfeeding ?



Oatmeal is a excellent source of iron it can help with maternal anaemia and low iron levels. As a result of low iron,  it can decrease milk supply so it does make sense that something  high in iron such as oats will help contribute to an abundance of milk


Comfort and Relaxation

Oatmeal is the best comfort food for so many women.   When we think of comfort food we think of something that is going to fill us up  and when we are full we tend to relax,  anything that can be relaxing for a new breastfeeding mama will encourage let down as well as influencing the milk supply

Low Cholesterol Foods

With other milk increasing herbs such as fenugreek and alfalfa  there is one thing that they all share in common and that is to decrease cholesterol levels so, the properties that help decrease these levels are also what increasing milk production and oat bran is  on the list of milk boosting foods.


In my experience a bowl of oatmeal each morning keeps my supply at a good level, at times I can switch it up and prepare some oats cookies, to eat during the day or maybe even add it to a smoothie


My African tradition, eating a bowl of Oats at night (for those evening hunger pangs!) is the perfect remedy to fuel your night time breastfeeding rituals. The good thing about oats, they can be gluten-free if you want them to be, just be sure to purchase this at your local organic grocery store, where it will be noted gluten free


Do you like Oats, and have you seen any difference in your milk supply? Comment below and let’s start the discussion. Better stil be part oft he tribe and add your detils to receive more updates for the upcoming Ebook – ‘Eat Plant Based and the Kids will Follow’

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