Hello Happy New Year to you all for this 2017

As long as january is here i think we still have ways of wishing each other happy 2017.

The end of the year was hectic as usual, i always need to find ways to master my time management. As soon as September hits its like, there’s so many things to add to the to do list Birthdays, School vacation, travel, family visits, Errands and More Birthdays and Christmas and now working on project to present for you. My main goal for this year is to be more organised and avoid being overwhelmed while taking care of my 3 littles, husband, dog, home and a business

I love to be busy, I’m never not working as I’m sure as all stay at Home/ Working moms out there

It’s so important to have goals to stick to, but unfortunately I  don’t advocate new years resolutions, it’s about taking things one day or one month  at a time to obtain your goals. Getting to March and already forgotten resolutions is disheartening but don’t worry here are a few ways to reach your goals for the upcoming year

If you haven’t watched my video series of reaching your goals  then go ahead

Set Goals that bring passion into your life, things that make you excited, this will bring much more motivation especially if something is important to you.

I am a big believer of writing things down and making things happen. Invest in a planner, this way month by month you can set realistic goals for yourself, weight loss, exercise, business start-up anything. Instead giving  a whole year to get things done, why not make things easier by breaking them down to bite size tasks, month by month, it’s then a goal easier to reach

As a happy new year and a thank you for sticking with me and supporting this blog  I have a free art printable poster to add some colour to your home decor and give you daily mantras to go by for this 2017, let’s start the year off right! along with this a printable desk/pocket calendar for each month you will have mantras to aim for

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