I have some staples that I use on my skin on a daily basis during the  winter-spring months, our family are all susceptible to battle with a lot of dry skin. If you haven’t read my Journey on Healing  Eczema with Avocado Oil go ahead..


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I started using almond oil because of my hyperpigmentation caused by my eczema I fell in love with it from the first moment I used it almond oil is meant to even out skin tone and bring it back to its normal luster.

When I first used it, I was not disappointed, this is why I bought a 1 litre bottle of sweet almond oil and have not looked back since.  Mixing up a concoction with a normal lotion and the Almond Oil brings up the quality of your skin regime up 10 notches  during the  winter months but on its own generally is enough.


is another favourite of mine I also use this to bring down some inflammation of the skin. If I do have any episodes of eczema it really combats dryness especially on the face, it gets rid of any fine lines and gives you that  alternate glow all through the year, thumbs up for this love this little gem.



Not everyone has an aloe vera plants lying around to use. So I always by the tub, this can last such a long time in the home and it’s used for so many things such as scratches, scrapes, itchy skin the definitely a cooling effect for red angry itchy skin.  I use it maintain my hair edges,around the temple.

You cannot go wrong with these staples at home, they really help maintain moisture and it’s something that I cannot go without.

What’s in your beauty cabinet for the winter and spring or better still all year around?

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