As a stay at home, mum,  we are shocked when different types of moments occur when raising our kids, some of us feel like we can conquer anything as a super mum and others just feel like  reaching for a glass of red wine at the end of the day. The most important thing is to take care of your emotional self.  My below SAHM survival guide, I share in this post  really helps when times get difficult.



We’re taking mummy brain to a whole other level, the real issue is that we have so many things to remember appointments; school meetings; homework; food shopping; dinners; football practice;  vaccinations; milestones; and the list goes on and on and on;  it’s always better to create a realistic management plan by investing in a planner;  never bombard your day with so many things that are unachievable especially when you have a toddler running around, when you don’t achieve it you feel disheartened .  Try to fit three main things in your day and spread out the rest of your to-do’s for the rest of the week. Writing it down helps instead of using that FAILING mental calendar, using your brain on a constant basis is a fast track way to losing the plot. So get to writing in your new planner or update your phone calendar with reminders!



When we first become Mum’s and we see our new bundle of joys all we want to do is be around that baby 24/7 just cuddling up and enjoying the  smiles and gestures but after a while that kind of nostalgic starts to drain and then mum’s get desperate to have some kid-free time.  Sometimes it’s hard to actually admit this to ourselves and to our friends that we just need a little break from our kids, but sometimes expressing this can help out more than you think;

Take a walk in nature, go to the gym, read that special book that you wanted to read for awhile, you can go for a long drive sometimes, even doing grocery shopping alone  is a break in itself, who would have thought that! Things that you did before you had children, sewing, yoga, meditation for example.

 Sometimes you won’t  be able to get the chance to do it,  but any little opportunity you have to have a quiet minute, pursue it.  Try to take these regular breaks as a new habit because sometimes  as mothers we put ourselves last and  experience the dreaded burnout.  Make time for yourself as a priority.



As part of a really healthy Outlook to being a stay at home mum, sharing that all quality time with your partner is imperative.  I don’t mean just being in the same room as your partner watching television but really planning your date nights.  Sometimes it’s not always practical, nannies can be expensive or there aren’t any family members near.  Even if it’s just some alone time with the television off and it’s just you and him,  this can really make all the difference. There’s nothing wrong with Feeling a kiss even want the children are there, after all its natural



You’re socialization with other adults can be completely interrupted when you have kids and you’re a stay at home mum, especially when you do get out with the kids to the park and you socialise with other parents, your focus is still on your children;  talking about sleepless nights, breastfeeding, baby’s appetite, even poo consistency sometimes!   It’s great just to get out and hang out with other adults,  leaving the subject of babies at home. When you do have a night out with the gals, make sure you set some boundaries with your friends and say no more kid/ baby talk while  out dancing and having a drink. Having grown up conversation is really important, so you can get back to you again



Stay at home mum have a hard rap sometimes from other people, feeling like we do nothing all day except play with the  baby instead of actually doing any ‘work’.  Watching soap operas all day and staying in your pyjamas.  We all know this is far from the truth but it’s sad to say that stigma still remains.  People that we come across are still quite unimpressed with Mum’s who stay at home to raise children.  How do you answer the; ‘What do you do for work question?’ In this case its very imperative to remember why you decided to stay at home in the first place be proud of your choice and let them know that you’re the boss of your home You are the CEO of the Stay at Home Mama Network  or the Operations Manager for the Jones’ Household! That will certainly break the ice and if you choose, you can explain why you the CEO of SAHM, in reality its a hard job but someone has to do it! We are the proud Mamas of that network!

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