Back in the day, I used to use the phrase ‘Plan of Attack’, that’s how I used to define the mountain of things I had to do on a daily basis,scribled on pieces of paper or magazine covers! ever since I can remember. School forces you to be organised, you have no choice in the matter, obviously setting you up for the future, but you don’t see it that way at the time, but its the stepping-stones to being organized – and on time.


Through my teens and my 20s I had many diaries, which I bought, but never made a habit of keeping updated, my go-to was always the closest piece of raged  paper with ticks next to it, to show that I attacked my plan.

I wasn’t the most organised, but I got by.

However, something strange tends to happen to a women the moment she has a human growing inside her, along with fatigue and sickness, pure laziness and baby brain kicks in to high gear. The bigger you get the more you forget and all your to-do lists go out of the window for the duration of pregnancy.  After the 9 months, you’ve realised that you’re way behind on things you needed to do months ago, that’s when reminder letters start getting sent.

I was two weeks postpartum, hibernating from the world, healing myself after childbirth and nourishing my new born, and all of a sudden I had a warrant arrive to my house because I had forgotten to pay my speeding penalty, while I was pregnant, and it tripled in fees!! They turned up to my door ready to take my car away! unless I paid them on the spot, which I did and all was resolved!

That scenario and many other late situations, was due to being pregnant, with no structure or organisation in my life, everything was about my new baby. Something needed to be done, Plan of Attacks weren’t working, writing at the back of magazine covers was becoming redundant – I needed to organize my life as it wasn’t just me anymore babies need their own reminders and scehdules. I never seemed to have any time to do anything.

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Two years ago I decided to invest in a planner, choosing to be organised. I went to Paper Chase and bought a beautiful tropical planner, lovely to look at, something to carry around. However I used it, for a couple of months and then left it for a month, it was the cycle of not being consistent. I found it quite small and cramped to write in it. so always ended up writing on my raged piece of paper, yet again

Moving forward to 2016 and an extra child later, my to-do list had becomeDSC_0158longer and longer and I was missing deadlines again for things I needed to do. When this happens I feel totally overwhelmed. And it always seems to be around those postpartum months. So this time I decided to research about the Erin Condren Life Planner to help me organise my life. Before I spend my hard-earned money on it, I needed to know what was so good about it. I watched so many reviews on You tube, that was enough to convince me that, yes, i’m ready to invest, I want my life back

It is so far the best investment, firstly I have an amazing front cover that is personalised with my initials. The cover is interchangeable which helps you not to fall out of love with it, you have options of different designs or even a collage of your family.  I chose a cover that represents me, a lover of all plant-based foods and healthy living… with Pineapples!!

It’s about A5 size, they have are vertical columns for each day of the weeks. Lots of space to write and divide up your tasks within one day; They have multiple calendars throughout the whole journal.

It comes with amazing monthly motivational quotes, encouraging you to keep going, when times get tough. That is what I stand for, all about self-love and motivation, so that fits well into my lifestyle. Every month you have a different colourful page theme, stopping it from being boring.

In my case using erasable colour pens to colour code and divide my tasks, Ie home,bills  kids, business menu, errands London, Self Love etc

You have 3 columns in each day, so i try to breaks my to-do list to 3 Tasks per day Ie Bills Kids and Business, on Monday, Tuesday Business, housework and Self care! Yes i schedule in to paint my nails and Wax!

I wouldn’t know where I would be without this planner, along with the App Cozi these two things combined, makes me feels so organised especially planning and organising things in advance not always last-minute.

I feel things are in perspective now, I can schedule in times for myself, the feeling of overwhelms has reduced significantly with organisation.

Compared to other general formal planners, it’s so colourful, the quotes alone make you want  to write in it again and again

The Top Benefits of Organizing your Life 

More free time on your hands to do the things you love

You  will have a sense of balance

Your home  will feel less cluttered DSC_0161 DSC_0162

You house will always be clean

You can focus and achieve goals







Benefits of being organised

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