We’ve all seen the viral clip of the hilarious but very much serious BBC  interview, that was  video bombed by interviewees children, who lucky for them escaped the realms of mama’s  eyesite for a split second, while she was recording the live broadcasting of her husband .

The mother came flying in, grabbed them and flew out again, literally!

BBC Interview Video Bombed by Kids

A very funny but real snippet of our lives as parents all around the world,  and you the reader, I’m guessing have been in the same situation. Don’t fret we have some top tips to keep the little ones quiet while you get some Important tasks done

As parents we have 101 things to do on a daily basis, and the aim is to try to find a minute to get it done, loading the washing, cleaning dishes (if like us and are without a dishwasher) vacuum, telephone calls,  this is why the video is so hysterical!! For those who haven’t got children yet this is what’s to come.

We all struggle to get things done while trying to entertain our littles. When we are in a crunch, on the telephone, paperwork  or simply trying to get through your massive endless to-do list. The simple fact is, children just do not care about our paperwork and telephone calls they just want to be with us.

Here are some top tips to work around your little loved ones while getting that important task done! Getting things done while being there for them at the same time

Stickers, Colours and Tracing designs

In our house our kids love custom-made stickers . Anything to do with stickers can be something interesting for them that will take up their time, scrapbooking and crafts you can’t go wrong.  so you  could find at least 20 minutes of good and undistracted activity time

DIY Tents  or Forts

Yes the old game of cosy nooks and forts!  Go-ahead   and get that clean sheet that you’ve just washed and dried, smelling lovely and fresh,  make a tent and put  everything that they enjoy inside, ie books toys cushions, snacks. There you have it, Bob’s your uncle, you have a fort and you have quiet children for at least 30 minutes!


Arts and Crafts Without the Mess

Let their artistic personality comes through, while you have that deadline to complete. Arts and crafts  doesn’t necessarily have to be a messy job, so forget the glitter and the paint, there are so many other things that children can do to entertain themselves for 30 minutes, by painting beach rocks, pipe cleaner art/sculptures, sock puppets or play with a bowl of uncooked pasta. It’s ever so less dramatic,  in the end all children need these kind of activities, it’s just like fresh air, cuddles and going to the park


Let’s Play!

This tip is the most important and the most crucial of all, we all need to do this at least once  everyday  and that is to simply get down on the floor with our toddlers, spend some quality time with your child without your telephone, without the TV, without nursery rhymes in the background and yes I am guilty of that too. Undistracted fun, get the toy cars, bridges, the train tracks or the tea party, the dolls or the colouring pens. Spend a good 20 minutes playing with your child real 1 on 1 time before you go and make  or do that really important task!


Puzzles can keep a child distracted for maybe about 20 minutes. Set up  a nice amount of puzzles on the dining room table and for each puzzle they complete, they get a healthy sweet treat!


Favourite Snacks

Their favourite snack, you can’t go wrong with food!  They will snack until they’re full, you shouldn’t hear a peep out of them while they’re munching away, keep the healthy snacks flowing, that should last you through that important phone call

Family and Friends 

 This is the time when you should really be grateful for the support network that you have around you when it’s a really stressful time, you really need to get things done? Reach out to your friends and family who can take over to give you a  little break, so you can be focused to get your work done on that really crunching deadline.


What activities do you have for your children when you’re on the telephone or have something important to do? Has anything like this ever happened to you, comment below


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