Reasons to go Vegan!

It’s important to have a good idea  of what you want when you make any big decision


Have a good reason why you want to become a Plant Based Vegan, the idea will help you focus while on this new journey of discovering vegan foods.


Why not Challenge yourself, doing a  7, 14 or 30 day challenges to get used to you and your loved ones eating meat free.


I started a vegan diet out of curiosity and wanted a change. I challenged myself for 2 weeks, not really knowing what I was letting myself in for, but I enjoyed it so much, I never went back to eating meat for 2 years.


During my early days of being a vegan , I do not recall having a real reason why I stopped eating meat, it was more to do with challenging myself to go solely meat free, to see if i could actually do it, then the lifestyle drew me in, because i saw so many benefits  and changes happening pretty much straight away;


I got so used to plant-based foods it was hard to go back to meat eating as vegan, wholefoods became part of my life.  Young and uneducated about real vegan foods to be honest. During these years there’s was nothing like Facebook , Instagram, or Twitter, for me to get inspired,  it was pretty unheard of , you knew what plant based eating was, but meeting people who followed the lifestyle was few and far between so the only way i was inspired was looking at the ready ‘ vegan’  meals in the supermarket  

top 9 reasons to go plant-based or vegan

Not having a clear path of my journey I ended up eating a lot of junk vegan meals as well,  with very little of  good nutritious foods.  My motto at the the time was, ‘as long as the plate doesn’t have meat, it good to eat’.


After a few years, I realised that to be truly plant based it meant, to refrain from processed foods and to prepare everything from scratch, and I had a lot of fun doing it. My taste buds really adapted to delicious leafy greens, beans/legumes, an abundance of fruits , smoothies, nut milks  and enjoyed creating a lot of alternative dishes  from  my former  meat eating diet ! 


There are 100s of reasons, to change to this lifestyle so think carefully, about why going  vegan or plant-based is the best choice for you. Having an objective will give you the willpower to change and maintain a meat free diet for life or for as long as you choose. .


Here some awesome reasons to go veggie!

Low Risk of Diseases

Vegan lifestyle is more healthful than the average American or UK  diet, particularly in preventing, treating or reversing heart disease and reducing the risk of cancer. A low-fat vegan diet is the single most effective way to stop the progression of coronary artery disease or prevent it entirely.


Maintain a Healthy Weight


Naturally, plant based foods is lower in calorie and saturated fat, so naturally you will lose weight which is always a plus  


You’ll live longer.

If you switch from your standard diet to a vegan diet, you can add about 13 healthy years to your life..and save money on medical bills


More Energy to Become Active

Good nutrition generates more usable energy——energy to keep pace with the kids, tackle that home improvement project or have better sex more often!


You’ll be More ‘Regular.’ Eating a lot of vegetables means consuming more fiber, which pushes waste out of the body. Meat contains very little fiber, so such things as constipation and stomach issues, will significantly become better if not healed, while eating plant based


You’ll save money.

Currently, grocery bills are skyrocketing through the roof , especially the larger the family the bigger the budget. With Plant based food, your money will go a lot further and and you have choices upon choice of different vegetables and fruits to choose from that will fill up your plate at meal times .


Your dinner plate will be full of color.

Disease-fighting phytochemicals give fruits and vegetables their rich, varied hues. They show up in two main categories: carotenoids and anthocyanins. All rich yellow and orange fruits and vegetables——potatoes, carrots, oranges, sweet , mangoes, pumpkins, corn have beautufl pigments from their carotenoids.


Leafy green vegetables also are rich in carotenoids but get their green colour from chlorophyll. Red, blue and purple fruits and vegetables——plums, cherries, red bell peppers——contain anthocyanins. Cooking by color is a good way to ensure you’re eating a variety of naturally occurring substances that boost immunity and prevent a range of illnesses and  as a result give you great skin.


It’’s Easier Than You Think


It’’s almost effortless these days to find great-tasting and good-for-you vegetarian foods, whether you’re strolling the aisles of your local supermarket or walking down the street at lunchtime. If you need inspiration in the kitchen, look no further. My eBook coming soon will have amazing nutritious and quick meals but in the meantime, i have plenty of recipes that i can share that are hits in my house


You’ll spare animals. Many vegans give up meat because of their concern for animals. Ten billion animals are killed for human consumption every year.

Things have changed since  the farms of yesteryear, where animals roamed freely, today most animals are factory farmed: —crammed into cages where they can barely move and fed a diet tainted with pesticides and antibiotics.


These animals spend their entire lives in crates or stalls so small that they can’’t even turn around. Farmed animals are not protected from cruelty under the law


Be your best version, do what you feel is right for yourself and your health, as well as your children hey you have come this far of my post, i think your pretty much there ifnot close to being ready. Download free Vegan Shopping list to get you started, on just what to buy at the wholefoods market

If you’re thinking about transitioning to a vegan lifestyle, with the rest of your family, then I hope this posts helped you in some way


Comment below What reason would you choose for going Vegan? Or what was your reason for going Plant based ?


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