The journey we call life, is an amazing adventure, if you put it simply, because there are times we are so content with our life, or not and without warning something changes and derails the comfort or discomfort zone. This post will give you essential step to help reach the mindset of, trusting your destiny

trust the timing of your life

trust the timing of your life

We have all been in situations where, we love our jobs, our relationships, our homes, our city that we live, the list can go on of the things people are content with
That also goes with situations that w are also uncomfortable with, lack of money, job dissatisfaction, relationships, your life!!
However suddenly, in an instance, things can change JUST LIKE THAT, with a click of a finger, and your life direction changes, even if it is major or slight, you followed the signs to ‘future’ but then all of a sudden, there were no more arrows.
I’m also continuously to follow my own path and trust the journey that I am on. Be open to changes in life that WILL occur, whether you like it or not. Not only does this bring peace, but it can bring excitement because every path you take happens for a reason.

Here are some tips to accept the timing of your life, and be excited for detours in the road of your life path, know that the only destination is your future.

Stage 1

Stay in the moment, be sure and know that the only thing you can control is the here and now, your present situation

Stage 2

Life is a huge lesson, that we all need to learn from, if its learning about yourself, and what you want out of life, every experience is to teach us giving us skills to cope with the next situation be it good or bad

Stage 3
Have total trust in yourself, believe in yourself. Sometimes we rely so much on friends and family to give us advice, when there is a bump in the road.
We constantly search and need people to help us make decisions. try to challenge yourself to trust your own thoughts and accept them

Stage 4
What kind of positive sensation do you want out of life? How do you want to feel in life. Happy, ZEN, Anxiety free? Sometimes we have to look at how we want to feel, not just what we want out of life. When you tap into your feelings. This will bring a positive vibrations to bring this into your life and any changes that come unexpectedly

Stage 5
Most importantly, understand and be aware that if something is not happening for you right now, it’s because it’s not suppose to, why? This phase is all part of the bigger plan in your life. have faith and know that your positive energy will provide exactly what you want, so trust the path.
Stage 6
Make sure you have alone time, finding these moments of solitude is very important. You need to enjoy your own company and your own space. This will allow you to be with your thoughts and have inner peace. it allows you to reset your mind, and focus, so all the stages above will be easy to adopt.
Stage 7
Everything that happens, is for a reason, we all know this saying, right? What will be will be, your life is unfolding before your eyes and things are planning out exactly as it should .

Really enjoy life starting today

Sending love love and more love

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  1. March 23, 2015 / 3:33 pm

    I agree. Things happen for a reason, we just have to discover that reason, and look for opportunity in everything.

    • March 24, 2015 / 4:38 pm


      Thanks for visiting. You are exactly right. Opportunities are everywhere, people just need to let go of the fear and challenge themselves to accept them.


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